Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Who doesn't like FREE Lemonade (and Cupcakes)?!

My sweet girl has been wanting to do a Lemonade Stand all summer. Today, her wish came true! And in her words, "Today was the BEST. Lemonade. Day. EVER!"

Since we have been doing our Summer Fun Schedule, we talk about our Thoughtful Tuesday task a couple days before. I asked the kids on Saturday evening what they would want to do for this week, especially since the donations to CCA and Passenger Treat Bags were all my idea. ;)

At the time, we didn't have any ideas. But on Sunday, Myla exclaimed, quite proudly...

"Ok, mom, so I was thinking during my rest time....(her hands all big and expressive) and I have an idea...(she paused super briefly as I continued to listen)...we should do a LEMONADE STAND...all the pink Lemonade will be FREE for the kids. And the grownups could have the yellow regular kind, they don't have to pay. No one will pay, we will just give it to them when they drive by. We can invite everyone, neighbors, kids, Granny ...." (ETC)

GENIUS idea, Myla. It's on.

Before gymnastics class, we headed to the grocery store to get a few things to make the lemonade...y'know, the mix, cups, a couple fresh lemons. 

Well, those "few" things turned into a $50 trip (oops!) because we just had to get lemonade dispensers (2 for each flavor), and cupcakes with pink lemonade frosting (they were delicious!) a tablecloth, straws, colorful cupcake liners, a cute chalkboard sign....yeah, we kinda went overboard, but it's OK. The overboard part was my idea. I mean, go big or go home...

I can hear my dad now..."Presentation, presentation, presentation." He IS Mr. Presentation and he's taught me a lot over the years. :)

We are just being thoughtful, right??

So, after bath, Myla helped me bake the cupcakes.

Then I whipped up some super fancy signs...

And I just couldn't have cupcakes without cupcake toppers (I know... OVERBOARD!) so M helped me put those together.  

Look at her use that hot glue gun like a champ! Makes mama proud. :) 

#Thoughtful Tuesday and Pass it on!!

YUM! And yes, they tasted even better than they look!

All set and waiting for our first GUESTS!

So excited!

We slapped this poster on an old "for sale" sign and Daddy & Poppa placed our other 2 signs around the neighborhood. (thanks, guys!)

A LOT of lemonade was drunk while waiting for thirsty friends to drive by.

Many people drove by and waved but didn't stop. This, of course, bothered the kids a little...

M- "What?? I mean, who doesn't like FREE lemonade!?" (Hence where I got the title for this post)

It provided the perfect opportunity for me to explain that people may be busy, on their way to work or a doctor appt etc. 

But it still bothered them. 

And it got me thinking...

Really? Who can pass up FREE lemonade from these 2 cuties??

Granny was our first guest!

N taking a lick of Granny's cupcake and M looking desperately at the street hoping SOMEONE, just ANYONE will come by!

We had one nice lady walk up with $3 and just INSIST that we take her money. I tried to explain the whole "Thoughtful Tuesday" thing and that this was a gift etc... and she wasn't having it and left the $ on the table. 

In fact, several people gave us money even though we told them what we were doing. 
(I think they thought we were a little crazy)

So, this just brought up a good opportunity for us to talk about how THOUGHTFUL they were being to want to give us $. 

(The kids are splitting the money and adding it to their piggy banks)

Our sweet neighbors stopped by for some lemonade and cupcakes!!

When Noah realized it was trash day, he got all excited and couldn't wait to see the garbage truck come. He really wanted to give them some lemonade but they didn't come by while we were out. 
In fact, I think I just heard them drive by on our street now as I type this. 

Getting SUPER hot...putting ice on her face. 

And Noah couldn't help spill his lemonade down his shirt...over and over again.

Aunt Kimmy and baby James stopped by! Poor James was sad he couldn't have a cupcake. 

So, after an hour and a half, we packed it up because it was stinkin' hot. 

All done here!

My sister posted this from today...
with the caption, "Cutest niece and nephew ever!! And best lemonade in town by far...think Noah's shirt likes it too...lol #thoughtfultuesday" 

It was a great Thoughtful Tuesday task and we will most likely do again, but not this summer, definitely not this summer...it's only getting hotter out!!

If you want to try your own Thoughtful Tuesday lemonade stand, feel free to download these cupcake toppers HERE.

Also I found this cute banner on Pinterest, for free. You can grab that HERE.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Your stand and idea were wonderful! More importantly, you are making memories that will last a lifetime! Good job!