Thursday, July 24, 2014

Water balloon Basketball!

Woke up Wednesday morning with a horrible headache, no, scratch that...I'm going to call it a migraine. Every squeal from one of my kids made it worse. And then when the kids started arguing and yelling at each other....forget it. 3 Aleves and a dose of allergy medicine later, the headache was still there.

And so was my promise to the kids that we would be going over to Nana's for Wet 'n Wild Wednesday to play water balloon basketball. Dang it. They were not going to let me forget it.

After a good 3 hours being lazy around the house, I decided I'd better fill up those water balloons.

Noah helped. 


After M's gymnastics we headed over to my mom's and brought over our bucket of balloons, basketball goal and some yummy taco salad for dinner. 

Then it was pool time...

This is N's new pose when I ask him to smile for the camera.

Myla wanted to play with one of the water balloons first and toss it in the water. Mesmerized that it wouldn't break while in the water....

but right after this pic was taken, she set it on the side of the pool and {pop!}

With the bucket of balloons ready to go, the kids started taking some shots. The goal was to get the water balloon thru the net and into the water so it would't break.

My original idea was to label each water balloon A-Z so that we could shoot in order of the alphabet but I had a headache remember?! 

They actually made a couple in the basket but MOST splattered on the side of the pool or broke on the backboard. 

And in a matter of minutes, our water balloon supply was half gone!

Jeff was on rebounding duty.

Check out that follow through! :)

Our little butterfly-lover spotted this gorgeous Monarch!

And she caught it! (but then it got away)

After the short-lived water balloon basketball game, we played in the pool for awhile and finally got Noah to put on goggles! He has adamantly refused them. Guess he preferred the chlorine in his eyes?

He loved them! It was a whole new world!

These two make me laugh...headache, what headache?

Jeff and Myla love swimming in their goggles.
Don't mind the little boy in the background...when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Mom took a couple videos of our crazy boy jumping in the pool sans life jacket and I will add those later when I get them. 

He has no fear and is really starting to swim! 

Doing some lifts...

Despite the splitting headache and the super quick water balloon game, we had a pretty good time. 

Thanks for reading!

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