Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dishes, Donations and Date Night!!

Yesterday was Thoughtful Tuesday and it was a great day. It was our anniversary and we had plans for our day starting at 2pm, so there was not a lot of time beforehand with the kiddos, especially since we all slept in til 8:45. (Have I mentioned how much I love summer?)

Anyway, I knew that I wanted to take a load of stuff to CCA to donate so that was a simple Thoughtful Tuesday idea. But not before I got a little help in the kitchen...


 Every once in awhile I have the kids help me put away dishes anyway but it was good to be able to use this as one of our Thoughtful Tuesday tasks. We had a lot to do and I really needed the extra hands. 

Myla putting away the kid dishes as N ate his breakfast.
 All smiles

 Trying to be very careful with the knives.

Taking his bowl to the sink. 
Something we now do daily but snapped a pic of it for today.


After dishes were done, we put on some "work clothes" and went thru our garage to find some things for donations. I've had lots of things for sale on those Facebook sites and after weeks and weeks of "bumping" my albums, things were not selling. It was time to donate. There is something so refreshing and freeing about it. I don't like clutter so maybe that's why. 

I had the kids help pack the boxes.
Disclaimer: If you do this with your kids and if your kids are anything like my kids, there may be some tears on giving away their stuff. Even though most of it were clothes that didn't fit or baby toys, we still had to talk about how someone else will be so happy to have these things etc. 

N in his chef hat wasn't helping all that much. Just looking cute.

Loading up the car.


About to head to CCA!

We love the drive thru/drop off service at CCA. So easy and convenient.

After we dropped off our donations, we went to Rockfish for a quick lunch. While we were there we saw one of the kindergarten teachers at our school. Myla is heading to kinder next year (can't believe it) so she wanted to draw a picture for her. She also wrote her name at the top. :) 
She was happy to deliver it to her before we left. 


Hands down one of the best date nights we've had in a long time. Well, technically it started at 2:30 so it was a fun date day & night.

We decided to head out to the Dallas Arboretum where we got married 8 years ago. It was a cool idea and not sure why we hadn't thought about it before now.

Selfies in the car

Get it? 8 :)

Once we arrived and walked up, it was crazy how it really felt that we were just there yesterday for the big day. It was fun reminiscing as we walked around. 

And because my husband despises asking people to take our picture, we made this a selfie photo op. We also had taken our engagement pics here so we went around and tried to remember all the spots we took pictures over 8 years ago.

The first place we went to was OUR tree. The tree we got married under but there was a family of like 6 having a picnic under it. How dare they? ;) We had to walk around and come back to it. It was HOT!

A little blurry

I love this one! So pretty

 Goofing around with the strange sculptures

After we were officially dripping with sweat, we finally made it back to our tree. We really call it that because we were the first couple to ever get married under it. Not sure why because it is beautiful! Most couples got married in the middle of the Jonsson Color Garden, where the tree is located, but we wanted the scenic backdrop with the tree and all its SHADE.

It was still blazing hot, just as it was on that day. Funny how I really don't remember being all that hot but I know it was by the sweat on our faces that day. ;)

Jeff under the tree

Jeff wanted to carve our initials in the tree but I reminded him we would get in trouble and Jeff reminded me he didn't have a knife. :)

Holding up 8!

It really feels victorious to make it 8 years and still like each other. Ha ha. :)

 The day was spent in such a beautiful place with MANY laughs. Seriously, my stomach hurt by the end of the night, this guy cracks me up.

After the Arboretum, we drove around uptown to see where I used to live many years ago. We were trying to kill time before heading to Javier's for dinner.

It was a delicious meal. This is where our pictures for the night ended but we also went shopping at Northpark and then went to see a movie. Fun times!

It is nice to have this time together and be reminded that we still have the best time together! To the next 8 years!!

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