Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Leaving on a jet plane...with our treats & activity binders!

So excited to be hopping on a plane to see my dad and stepmom out in California tomorrow! The kids are thrilled to get to spend time with their Jido and Nona! They now have a beautiful orchard as their backyard and my little fruit lovers will be in heaven! 

We leave bright and early in the morning so, considering it is already after 10pm, this post will be short and perhaps a little sloppy. Not using spell check tonight, folks.

Anyway, with today being Thoughtful Tuesday, I wanted to do something related to the trip, and more specifically, related to the flight and the other passengers who will be so lucky to sit by us!
I came across this idea on the blog "How Does She" and thought it would be perfect to prepare on Thoughtful Tuesday. The idea is to pass out little treat bags to those sitting near us with a cute poem, in hopes that they will forgive us if our kids act like crazies. 
Now I was a little hesitant to do this as I didn't want the kids to get the impression that I was expecting them to misbehave, because, well, that could backfire. I can just see Noah thinking "I'll show you!" No, but seriously, they are really pretty good, y'know about 80% of the time. So I was careful in how I explained it. I just told them that it was our TT task for the day and how nice of us to give out treats to people sitting near us. I went on to say that there are some people out there, believe it or not, that would prefer not to sit by kids since sometimes kids get loud and wiggly etc. But I know that they will be terrific and will try their best to be quiet and still. 
Myla was funny with her questioning...."So, we are just going to give people candy on the plane?? And then sit really still?? Because it's Thoughtful Tuesday??"

"Well, technically, it will be Wednesday but we are preparing these today. BUT we can be thoughtful any day of the week. And how thoughtful of us to be quiet and still for those people around us."

And then Noah added, as he pointed to the candy, "Mommy, I want to EAT IT!"

"Sorry, buddy, not for you."

The blog had a template to download but it was written from 1 child instead of 2. Plus I wanted to make it cute and personalized for my 2 littles.

Here it is below...
You are welcome to use it too! You can save as an image and then print. Or if that doesn't work, I plan to turn into a PDF eventually. Post a comment below this post if you'd like to download this!

Myla helping me make the treat bags. 

 "Just a little treat to make your flight sweet."
-The Kids you had to sit by ;)

"We may be a little loud up in the clouds.
We may get wiggle when the plane gets jiggly." 
But we'll try to be good, just like our parents told us we should. 
Enjoy your Flight!"

 She was getting 2 of each color for the bags. (and eating a few along the way.)

I mean, just look at 'em. Such angels...

Oh yeah, pure innocence right here. Sure hoping we sit by some nice folks!

The other great idea I came across was to have an activity binder for the kids. 
When I was a kid, I would've been so super excited about this. But, as we already know, I'm a big nerd and love this stuff.

I already had the binders, sheet protectors, folders etc. I did buy a couple of pencil pouches for their supplies: dry erase markers, crayons, colored pens, post its. I also got some microfiber cloths that clean glasses to use as erasers.

How fun is this???

I printed and cut out family member's faces, glued to white card stock and drew a little stick figure body.

That way, M could do some fun drawings like this....

Ha ha! So fun! She hasn't seen this yet, by the way, this is a surprise for the plane.

I also put together a few pages for tracing, matching letters, pattern practice etc. I put everything in sheet protectors so she could use the erasers and do again and again.

Not the best pics...too late for editing. :-/

Then I found some My Little Pony printables online so I added those too.

I added binder folders with pockets so I could put extra coloring pages and stickers in a good spot. 

I didn't want Noah to feel left out so I made one for him too. Don't think he will use it as much but it does seem that anything Myla is doing he wants to do too, so we'll see.

He has some super simple sports and construction trucks printables in his.

And some stickers!

Like I said, don't expect N to be as into his binder but it may give us 3-4 minutes of entertainment here and there. 

Of course Jeff thinks the kids will watch movies the whole time (that would be awesome) but I'm preparing for them to loud, wiggly, bored etc. so...JUST. IN. CASE.

If you would like a copy of the printables I made for M's binder, let me know.  Just post a comment below! I can take M's name off the pages and make it generic pretty easily. 
Just not tonight. It's time for bed! 

Looking forward to a relaxing week with my dad & stepmom! And praying for a smooth flight with happy travelers. :)

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