Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day Trip to OK!

Yesterday we headed to Okmulgee, Oklahoma for Jeff's cousin, David's, wedding!

M is ready for the drive!

 We started the road trip off right with some doughnuts!

The kids were absolute angels for the drive. Of course, it was just a 3.5 hour drive (instead of our 15 hour treks to Colorado) and the kids had every technology device known to man to entertain.

Still they were awesome. Last year, I wrote about Road Trips with Kids: How to Survive. I will need to revisit this post before we leave for our 10 hour drive to the beach! We are so excited! We are going to Gulfport, MS with Jeff's parents for a nice little beach vacay! The kids are thrilled. Should be tons of fun!

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Anyway, we got to Okmulgee and went straight to Jeff's parents hotel to change clothes for the wedding.

Daddy doing a terrific job brushing thru Myla's long hair

My crazy man

This would have been cute it Jeff didn't cut off my head...

Cousin Nate showing Myla his games before the wedding

Noah loved running around with cousin Rayvin

Myla with cousins Wren and Phoebe

Noah and Rayvin

 My pretty girl

And my sleep-deprived, silly boy

Jeff with the groom, cousin Chad and cousin Mariah

Myla and Mariah

Jeff with his sweet momma

Family pic!

Noah just wanted to "dunk it".

Heading home with some sleepy kiddos!

He did pretty good considering he played hard at the reception and he didn't have a nap all day. 

We had a great time!

Stay tuned for pics from the beach next week!

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