Saturday, July 12, 2014

Just R-E-L-A-X...a different perspective

A rare moment... sharing nap time with my lil guy

Not gonna lie, it is something that is challenging for me, at times. 


I think you get so used to not having much time to relax that either you forget how or you just refuse to...

For me, it may be a little bit of both. Or it may just be a different perspective. Working full-time during the school year with a busy coach for a husband, and having 2 young kiddos is exhausting, yes, but when it is summer time, it should be a time of relaxation! And I really do, although it seems as if I'm not. 

Sure, before kids, my idea of relaxing was to lay by the pool, y' know to work on my tan. 

Or lay in a hammock with a book or magazine. 

Now, our days by the pool has transformed me into a full-time lifeguard, swim instructor, and a preferred floatation device. There is nothing relaxing about being in the pool with your littles who are learning to swim. Can I get an "AMEN?"


Today, we took the kids to the beach for the first time! 

 As you can tell from their sweet faces, they loved it!

It was a fun beach day!

 It may appear ultra relaxing and really for the most part it was but...
 walking in the hot sand with all of our gear, taking M to the restroom down the beach and over the scorching sand dune, pulling up wet bathing suits caked with sand, treading out in the super cold waters with N, building sandcastle after sandcastle (because the kids kept knocking it down), applying layers of sunscreen again and again on my fair-skinned get the idea.

I recently read a funny article titled "Going to the Beach with Kids Vs. Without" 
After today, I could totally relate. Not the most relaxing beach day ever, but I loved every minute of it. 

So, instead, I, like most mommies, rely on different outlets for relaxation. 

Creating new teacher products, to me, is relaxing. It really is. I am officially on vacation with my family and there is tons of down time where I can create, tweak, and upload new things. (I have friends ask why I am "working" on vacation. Maybe because I don't consider it work? It has become a relaxing hobby.)

Doing dorky activities with my kiddos each day in the summer is relaxing. Well, not really, but I really think I am happiest when I'm busy doing something somewhat productive. It's hard to turn off my teacher self in the summer too. Am I alone in this? Plus I feel like I am able to play "catch up" and spend some quality time with them since, during the school year, we may only have a few hours out of the day. 

I know, in the future, life will slow down and my kids won't need a lifeguard watching their every move in the water or a constant reminder to not rub your eyes with sand on your hands. 

So for now, this is relaxing. Blogging on vacay while the kids nap. Working on new ideas for my classroom (since that is really the reason why teachers are granted summer break, right?!)

So to my fellow teachers who have little ones, ENJOY and do whatever it is that you do to relax. And to the hardworking Stay-at-home mommies, bless your heart, savor those moments when you can actually indulge in your happy place. I know those moments may not come as often as you'd like but when they do, 
R-E-L-A-X...You deserve it!

Thanks for reading! More pics of our vacation to come...nap time (AKA my relaxation time) is now over. Until next time!

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