Thursday, July 10, 2014

First Day in Montecito! (AHHH)

We're here! Our family has been looking forward to this week for a long time. We are here for about a week and had a great first day!

About to board the "jet plane"

Boarding passes in hand, these kids are ready to see their Jido and Nona...

Just reviewing the safety procedures.

Once we got seated the plane was quickly filling up and we were told it was a full flight. Myla was anxious to pass out her treats to the passengers we would be sitting by but as the doors to the plane closed, there was 1 open seat on the whole airplane and it was the one by Myla!

Super sad to not pass this one out. :(

But, we did pass out to the two people in front of us and Noah got to give to the gentlemen sitting next to him and Jeff. They were very sweet and appreciated the gesture. We also attempted to pass out to 2 people sitting behind us but we got denied. One lady just shook her head and said, "no, thank you." And the man sitting next to her just stared and smiled at M and eventually shook his head, "no." Either he didn't speak english or he thought she was trying to sell it or something. Not sure how you turn down a bag of candy from this little blondie. 

Since we had the extra seat by the window, we moved over after take off so she could see out.

Within a few minutes she was ready to watch a movie on the iPad. We just got her these new headphones and they were great! At least 45 minutes of peace and quiet from her...

...which means I got to start a book!! I'm only a few chapters in but so far, so good. 

Right about this time, there was a SCREAMING toddler a few rows in front of us. I mean full-on, kicking and screaming tantrum. The gentleman sitting next to them was trying to finish work on his laptop and well, couldn't. This kid was not letting up. So the flight attendant intervened and moved the man to sit next to us. The poor guy hadn't sat down completely in his seat before M was handing him the treat bag. He laughed and said, "thanks so much, it looks like you will be an angel compared to that kid." She just smiled. 

After watching about half of the movie, she wanted to check out the "surprise"in her backpack. I made her carry her own backpack so she knew it was an activity binder but didn't look inside. 

She kept saying, "wow, mom, this is so cool!", as she flipped thru the pages.

She loved the copies of the faces that she could draw on.

But she REALLY loved the My Little Pony pages. So glad I included those. 

The flight actually went by pretty quickly (3 hours) even with Myla asking, "are we almost there?" every 20 minutes or so. 

N did ok on the plane, got a little restless towards the end, but overall they were great little travelers!

In LA!

Ready for a nap...

Walking with Jido to the car. 

Within an hour of our arrival at their BEAUTIFUL home, the kids wanted to get in the pool! Myla informed Jido that it was "wet 'n Wednesday."

The hot tub heated up quickly and felt perfect!

A few hours and a shower later, we explored a little more of the property. 

Plums, lemons, tangerines, avocados, peaches, name it, this orchard has it all. Picking the fruit directly from the trees and taking a awesome.

Wiping off the plum juice...


 Baking with Nona...making plum and blackberry tarts.

The cutest baker in town

Cleaning up our mess...

Spending some time with my lil man...

A fabulous dinner outside on the patio...

We had a wonderful first day!

So today is Thinking Thursday and M wants to know all about how to plant a peach tree. We ate a peach at home a few days ago and she planted the peach pit in our front yard, watered it and wondered why it wasn't growing. I explained a little about how it takes TIME to grow (she was asking the next morning where her peach tree was) and then I figured I would save this question for the expert, my dad. 

This morning, M spent some time helping my dad water the plants and trees, asking questions on all types of plants. Didn't capture any pics but I am sure she is doing a little thinking today! N is having a blast running around the Bocci ball court. Pics to come of that, he loves it. 

Looking forward to the rest of the week...lots of good food, wine and quality time spent with Jido and Nona. 

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