Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things I Have Learned: Life with Myla

For my first post, I figured I would share about life with Myla so far. She is such a little blessing and it is sometimes hard to imagine life before her. As a new mom, I have learned so much. I have learned that nothing about babies is consistent, at least not with my baby. People ask, "Does she sleep good at night?" or "Does she like the swing?" etc. and I'm always answering with "sometimes..?" I guess what is consistent is me consistently trying to figure her out. ;) I have learned that parenting is all about trial and error. Nothing is by the book. I have learned that you should ALWAYS have a burp cloth attached to your body at ALL times. I'm thinking it may be the new fashion trend for my wardrobe. A side note: I have learned that you may really need to change clothes several times throughout the day and do tons of laundry! I have learned that its a good idea to get yourself ready for the day first before baby if you need to be somewhere within an hour. I have learned that there is nothing better in the world than waking up a sleeping baby, no matter what anyone says! If it is past time for her to eat, I would much rather wake her up with hugs and kisses than have her crying out of hunger. Myla is so sweet when she wakes up!! I have learned that Myla can be soothed in 1 minute tops if she's upset. (thanks to Dr. Harvey Karp from Happiest Baby on the Block.) I have learned that poor Jersey knows that she is no longer center of our world and I do feel guilty for not having as much time for her. :( Once I figure out how to push the stroller and control Jersey on the leash at the same time, then she can join our daily walks. Until then, I vow to try my very best to give her some extra attention. I have learned that as parents we are always learning. Just when we thought we had it all figured out...we realize that we really don't. And lastly I have learned that having a child to love is the absolute greatest, most amazing thing in the world.


  1. So glad you guys started a BLOG!!! I love seeing pictures of Myla!

  2. I relate to everything you just said (even the part about your puppy)! Enjoying your blog!!!

  3. Love the blog. FYI: you'll find it's always best to get yourself ready before you get her dressed- even when she's 2! Be glad you learned that early on.

    Gorgeous family! Congratulations.