Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Colorado Day 3

Hello from Steamboat Springs!! We arrived on Monday afternoon and are enjoying our time here so far. First of all, I must brag that Myla did great on the plane! She was awake the whole time but very content, thank goodness. Jeff and I thought for sure she would scream the whole way. Once we landed in Denver, Dad and Cindy picked us up for the 3 hour drive to Steamboat. Again, Myla was an angel!! Several times I thought to myself how blessed and lucky we are to have such a good little traveler.
I think Myla is giving herself a thumbs up here. ;)

Now that we are settled at the house, we are adjusting to the time change and altitude. The first day here Myla had a pretty rough day. She wasn't eating as much and definitely not napping. I'm thinking it will just take her some time to get adjusted. The good thing is that she is still sleeping about 5-6 hours at night, waking for a feeding, then back down for an hour or so. Today she seems to be doing a little better but will not nap for more than 30 minutes when put down. She prefers to fall asleep in our arms, the swing or in the hammock. At this point I just want her to get some sleep as I know she gets exhausted from being up so much during the day. Here's hoping she doesn't get too dependent on needing the swinging motion since they don't make swinging cribs!
Each morning we have been going on a hike around dad's property. After just two days, my legs are getting sore but it's such a good workout. Myla loves the baby carrier too!

Last night we went to this great mexican restaurant with really yummy margaritas. Jeff and Dad have been working really hard cutting down trees, making bridges and clearing land so a night of margaritas was a perfect end to the day. Tonight we might go see Transformers or maybe we will just stay in and relax. We are here for 2 weeks and looking forward to the family reunion over the 4th!

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