Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Myla's Visit to School

Yesterday, I brought Myla to visit my 2nd grade class. The kids were so excited and so well-behaved. ;) Some of them brought gifts but even better, many of them had made mini-books for Myla to learn from when she gets a little older. She now has about a dozen ABC and Number books custom made by my precious 7 year old students. It was great to see the kids. I was extremely impressed by Myla, too. She was wide awake and alert the whole hour we were there and didn't fuss until school was out when the kids left! I'm beginning to think we have a social butterfly on our hands. :)


  1. Do you teach at an all-girls school?

  2. Ha ha! You would think so by looking at this pic, but no. The girls in my class are CRAZY about Myla!