Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sand Cake and Soccer!

Yesterday was semi-S day. We didn't do a whole lot but we did start off pointing out all the Ss we could find. 

Completely on his own, he picked up a book and looked through the pages. 

"Look, mom! I found 2!"

We had workers here all day again so we didn't get to the actual letter activity I had planned. So we made SAND CAKE instead!

I can't take credit for this image, it's straight from Pinterest. Here is the link on how to make it. 

I did capture a few pics of us making it! Notice "us" is just me and Myla. Noah had no part in making it, he just wanted to eat it when it was done!

 We had to bake the cake part first, just classic yellow cake. 
My sweet helper. 

Later in the day, we assembled the rest of the sand cake! We needed the following ingredients....Notice the sand pail?!

 Such a poser. 
 We started by making the vanilla pudding as normal, then mixed in the softened cream cheese and folded in the cool whip.

Then I cut the cake into cubes. 

This was the fun part! Layering the cake cubes and pudding mixture. 
 There were 3 layers of each. Yum!

Myla like to smooth each layer for me. 

Then we put some graham crackers into a baggie and beat them to crumbs. This is when Noah came running in the kitchen..."Mommy, WHAT are you doing?!"

Then we sprinkled the graham cracker "sand" on the top!

We decorated the top with an "S" of course using blueberries. Last year's sand cake was decorated better but we were pressed for time. 

Called in Noah to check out the sand cake....
Love how he brought his baseball glove. 

 S is for Sand Cake!

I love that we use the little plastic shovel to scoop it out! 

Didn't get a picture but Myla was so thoughtful to serve some cake to our workers in the bathroom. They gobbled it up!

And after serving 7 people (my mom was over too), we still have lots left!!  It keeps pretty well in the fridge and tastes even better the next day!


And we ended the evening with some Soccer!

Soccer blurs....but wow, what a game last night!!

For his daily letter pic, we had to bring in the soccer goal. 

Silly Soccer Dude

Sweet Soccer Stud

SOO cute

And lastly, Myla picked out a Soccer book to read to Noah. Of course, it kept his attention. She was so sweet about it because at first she said the book was way too easy and she had already read it a couple of times...but she read it anyway.

Sweet Snuggles..

Love these two.

No Letter of the Day activities today. The new tile in the bathroom should be finished later today and the kids are going to the in-laws for the evening. It's our 9 year anniversary!

Hard to believe it this was 9 years ago!

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