Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fun & Family Friday Flashback!

So this week, we changed the name of the day to "Fun & Family" instead of "Fun and Friendly" since we didn't schedule any playdates with friends. My bad. Kinda snuck up on me.

Luckily, we had a great day with Family and Myla got a playdate after all with her cousin after VBS!

Last Day of VBS!

They had a great week!

Myla loved spending time with Miss Miranda :)

MEANWHILE, Jeff and Noah were off "shopping" at Stonebriar Mall, spending a little father-son time. Can't get a whole lot of shopping done with this guy right now but they sure had a good time!

Jeff sent me these pics while they were out.

I love how he lights up when he's with his daddy. Although, Jeff said he was asking for me the whole time. He likes to tell whoever he's with that he misses the other. Figures.

MEANWHILE back at our house, the girls and I ate lunch and put in a movie. Olivia's choice since she was our guest. Olivia wanted Shrek the Third and Myla wanted to watch Frozen. Then Myla wanted to play upstairs but Olivia wanted to play downstairs with the Sophia Sing-a-long toy. ETC. 

This presented a great opportunity to remind Myla that sometimes we don't get to watch or do what we want, we let our guests choose. This brought on a few tears. We also talked about how we can compromise and take turns doing what we want. 

Here they are, Olivia was happy singing, Myla had just dried her tears and was faking a smile for me. 

Once they were done downstairs they went up to Myla's room. I could hear them talking together and could tell they were working on something. When I went upstairs, I overheard Olivia saying, "Ok, let me try" and then Myla was singing some, "Teamwork, Teamwork...that's how it gets done" song. Never heard it before. 

They were trying to put her cheap My Little Pony castle back together.

 Way to go girls!

 Later that day, Jeff had been working on repainting my old toy box that my grandfather had built for me. It had been in storage for YEARS and my mom thought Myla would like it in her room. (YES! All of her toys could be in the toy box instead of all over the corner of her room!)

Myla helping daddy paint.

 Teamwork :)

After dinner we went to one of our favorite places, Bahama Bucks. 
We have a goal this summer to try all the flavors! We will see how that goes. 
Right now, Birthday Cake is a clear fave with the kids. 

After we indulged in our snow cones, we spent some time playing. Really, right now, what they love is daddy throwing the ball at them and tackling them to the floor. Didn't get a pic of that but it's always a fun time.

After awhile M came up to me and said, "Mom, I wanna go pray upstairs...come with me and take a picture of me praying."


Not sure where this came from but alright!

 So cute and sweet.

I recorded part of her prayer...

 "Don't make any animals bite us...send this message to all the good people and bad people so they can be really happy in different countries..and please make all the bad people be nice. Amen. "

Love it. 

And then Noah wanted a turn...he said our dinner prayer. ha!

Love our family days together. I woke up this morning feeling so grateful for each one of them! 

Blessed beyond words. Thank you, Lord.

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