Sunday, June 22, 2014

Flashback to Fun & Friendly Friday!

Wow, that last week came and went way too quickly! And so did the weekend. Thought I would Flashback to Friday and share some pics of our day.

In our weekly Summer Fun Schedule, Fridays are reserved for friends and family time. Not that we don't spend time with our friends and family on other days but I wanted a day to reserve time for playdates. I think it's important for the kids to socialize and have opportunities to interact and problem-solve with others their age.

 We didn't have any plans for the day time but we went by my sister's house to drop off a few things. Her crew was about to take a walk to the Turtle Pond in Highland Shores, so we decided to join them.

The boys enjoying the ride

The girls saw a roadrunner on our walk

Feeding the turtles!

If you live near the area and haven't come to see the turtles, you really should! There are probably 30-40 of them, all different sizes. Two that we saw were HUGE! I think we might have our next research topic on turtles! We wondered how long they live and how big they can get.  And how exactly do they make babies???  Hmmm...

The boys ventured off to chase a squirrel.
I love their curious nature. 

 Then we headed to the playground nearby. It was so hot and humid, we didn't stay very long. 

Aunt Kimmy spotted a pair of lizards in the tree.

Sweet cousins

After our walk back, it was super hot so we went inside to cool off and stayed for lunch. Love getting to spend time with this little guy too!

Earlier in the week, we had made plans to go swim and have dinner with our friends Jessica & Dylan. Their kids are the same ages as ours and they always play so well together. 

Tatum had colored a picture for Myla at VBS that day. So sweet. 

 These two had fun playing with their trucks.

Of course, the kids wanted to swim! Myla is still in the beginning stages of swimming on her own and she did pretty well. If you ask her, she will tell you she "almost drowned only 5 times".  But to clarify, she did not come close to drowning, we were right there, and only had to help her a couple of times. Once she built her confidence up, she was fearless, jumping in the pool and even attempting to dive. ;)

Noah preferred to hang by the steps at first but it wasn't long until he was out splashing around in the middle of the pool.

Once daddy got in, the kids enjoyed hanging all over him. ;)

Boys vs. Girls water fight, except the boys just had floaties and a pool noodle.

This sweet girl went to bed not long after we started swimming. Isn't she adorable?!

We had yummy chicken fajitas. Noah insisted on keeping his floaties on because he could not wait to get back in.

Jessica and I enjoyed catching up and watching the kids have fun with their daddies in the pool. We agreed that we need to do this more often now that it is summertime!

After the kids were worn out from swimming, we made some s'mores! 

They were delish! Just ask Druz!

We didn't leave their house until close to 11pm...we always have such a good time. I knew when Myla, the most energetic and social kiddo I know, came up to me at 10:30 with her sleepy eyes and asked if it was bedtime yet, that it was probably time to head home!

Thanks for having us over, Jessica and Dylan!

We had a Fabulous Friday with friends & family.

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