Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year's Resolution Solution…it's TIME!!

As some of you already know, when I first took on the 24 Day Challenge almost 2 years ago, I lost 9lbs and 2 sizes in 13 days... but more importantly, I felt incredible. I learned what it was like to be healthy. I have kept the weight off and continued my adventure with AdvoCare.

I am starting the 10 day cleanse in January and honestly, can't wait. Since you can do the cleanse every 3 months, it time for me to do another one…not necessarily to lose weight (although I always lose 5-6lbs each time) but to clean out my system and put good nutrition back in my body! Let's face it…it is very difficult to eat perfectly healthy all the time. Everyone has cheat days. I am one to confess that I have been enjoying the holidays and eating what I wanted. But, I have been paying for it. Tummy aches and tight jeans. Ugh. So the cleanse will help me get back on track!

Here is a snapshot of my results. 

The cleanse is just the first 10 days of the 24 Day Challenge! My team is doing a TRANSFORMATION CONTEST! You could get paid for getting healthy! Pretty cool, right??

The transformation contest includes $1000 in total prize money to be awarded to the top 3 individuals with the biggest transformation over a 24 Day period. Order your Challenge on January 1st to be entered in the contest AND receive the discounted price! The challenge usually retails at $190 but AdvoCare is discounting to $175 if you buy on 1/1!

Message me to reserve your challenge. The time is now to feel great and get healthy!

Check out my AdvoCare website HERE!

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