Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Boot Camp: Potty Training Edition

Okay, so it's day one of potty training boot camp and I am happy to report that Myla is doing pretty good so far! We went to the store together today to pick out her big girl panties and a little doll that goes pee-pee so that she could train her, of course, and a few other things needed for the day. She was so excited to pick out which pair she would wear first. But then it really didn't matter all that much because she peed through 3 pairs straight in less than 45 minutes! I have been giving her lots of water/juice and salty snacks so she'll drink more to help her go. Poor girl didn't figure it out until the 3rd accident. BUT after we cleaned up, tried to go again we decided to go color in her new coloring book until we needed to go again. Before we could open the marker box, she said. "Mommy, pee-pee!" So we ran to the potty and she sat for about 20 secs before she went. Yea! She was so excited and is so proud of herself. We called Daddy, who was on the golf course with Papa, Granny, Jido and Aunt Kimmy to share the news. Nana has been here all day helping out with Noah and she was so proud of her too. All of this happened within an hour and a half. She has told me two more times she has had to go since then and it's been a success!

I put her diaper back on for her nap and she did NOT want to wear it. She is becoming quite fond of her new Dora panties. We will see how the rest of the day goes. She is becoming such a big girl!

Now if I could only get Noah to nap longer than 30-45 minutes. Any advice??? We are still swaddling him. We lay him down with some white noise that helps calm him. He won't take a paci. I have to walk around the house with him to get him sleepy. Since he is used to sleeping in the swing, he needs motion to put him to sleep. Looking forward to the day when I can just put him in there wide awake. Share your ideas if you have any!!

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