Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baby Boot Camp: Nap Edition

Now that there is just about a month before school starts again, there are a few things I want to accomplish before getting back to work. The first thing: transitioning Noah to sleep in his bassinet instead of his swing. I know, it's all my fault for starting him in the swing so early. It was so easy just to put him in there for naps since he would sleep for hours! I could get things done around the house, play with Myla etc. It was great. But now that he has woken up from his newborn coma and is more active, I know I need to make him nap in the bassinet to get better sleep. I have tried to put him down several times during his newborn stage and he would wake up after 20 minutes. But it's time to buckle down and start the sleep training. His pediatrician also agreed that this is the best time to start as it will only get harder later. I also think Noah is close to sleeping through the night. The past 2 nights he only woke up when Jeff moved him from swing to bassinet at 4:30am! Yesterday we started Baby boot camp putting Noah in the bassinet for 3 of his 4 daytime naps. He got anywhere from 30-45 minutes naps each time. His pediatrician said that it is normal for babies his age to just be getting three 45 minute naps/day and anything more is an added bonus. So we will see how it goes!

The other major thing to accomplish before school starts is getting Myla potty-trained! She is showing signs that she is ready and I would love to help my mom and mother-in-law out who will watch them next year to already have her trained. Plus she starts her preschool in the fall! Yesterday, I wasn't even planning on starting yet but Myla insisted to go pee-pee on her potty. After about 10 minutes she went a teeny tiny bit and also went poo-poo! I will spare you the details but not all made it into the potty but at least she is getting the idea!

Oh the joys of parenthood! These are the fun times, right?!

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