Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Myla's First Boat Ride

On Sunday, we went out on the lake for Myla's first boating experience. Unfortunately Jeff couldn't be there as he recently hurt his back and could barely stand so we went with mom, Kimberly, Clay and Olivia. We had a great time and Myla seemed to really enjoy riding in the boat. We bought her an infant-sized life jacket that kept her feeling snug and safe.
After Kimberly skiied, we stopped for awhile to get the girls in the water. Myla wasn't sure at first what she thought about being in the nasty lake water but it wasn't long until she was smiling and trying to splash. Since my tendonitis is still bothering me, I decided not to ski and just enjoyed riding around as well. The weather was a little overcast which was perfect in helping protect the babies from the hot sun. Myla took a great nap on the boat and missed much of the excitement but still had a fun time. We made sure to take a lot of pictures to show Jeff so he didn't feel like he missed out too much. Jeff's back is doing better today so hopefully he can join us the next time we go. ;)

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