Monday, December 12, 2011

7 months!

It's really hard to believe our little man is 7 months old! He is such a joy and so much fun these days! He is just as happy as can be sitting up and doesn't seem interested in crawling yet. No teeth either but I keep expecting a tooth to pop through any day now! He has been introduced to all the veggies (that I've had made, that is) and we've also tried pears. I took him to the dr last week because of a strange rash on his back. I thought it was just excema which he does have on his arms and legs like Myla did as a baby. But it was all over. The nurse practitioner we saw wasn't convinced it was just excema so she prescribed an anti-steroid cream and told us to back off the past few veggies we've tried (green beans, sweet peas, and zucchini) since it was during that time when I started noticing the rash get worse. After using the cream just a few days it seemed to clear up on his back. But just yesterday, I noticed it is back. Not sure what it could be. No new soaps, detergent, or food. Thinking I will have to call the dr again. :( Here is our little stud for his monthly pics....

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